Your Travel Experience: How to Create Personal and Mind Growth

Immerse into the Culture

As the world is getting more intricately connected, we are looking for ways to enhance our experiences in different dimensions. Traveling is one such aspect that is not confined to entertainment anymore. You want to know more about the culture of people; you need to dive into the ambiance and live through their lives while you visit that area. 

Slow travel
 is all about putting this concept to life.

The real essence of having a beautiful traveling experience is to dive deep into the cultural aspect of the country you are visiting.

Why should you do that?

  1. Share meaningful connections with locals
  2. Learn about new art, food culture, and traditions
  3. Give back to the places you visit and help preserve them

How can you do that?

It is essential for you to have some base of the country’s language you want to visit. This will enable you to connect to locals and understand what is happening around you.

Extra PRO for speaking the language? You get to have suggestions from the locals and it will help to find hidden gems and participate in local activities!

Ways to Help you Immerse in your next Trip

  • Choose a Slow Travel-friendly Travel Company

Amazing organizations are all about slow, responsible, sustainable, and transformative group travel:

I recommend them for booking your next trip if you look also for cultural immersion, learning, and if you do not feel like solo traveling completely.

*None of this is sponsored, I am not paid from these platforms to write this post. I genuinely like them and suggest them to enhance your next travel experience.

  • Volunteer Abroad 

Nomads Giving Back is a great platform to find volunteering programs that match what you are looking for. 

  • Effective Language Courses

There are several online language courses and resources you can use to master the basics of your target language. YouTube is a great free resource to find material in Spanish.

The main secret? Consistency. And throwing yourself out there!

This is something I help out with as a language coach. In fact, I’m very excited about the OCW SPANISH and ITALIAN programs, where I will be your coach! These are at limited capacity, because I really want to give you all the care needed to succeed.

For a thorough culture immersion, it is of great value to be learning the language of the country you want to visit. That way, you make yourself able to live the experience you want to cherish as you decide to solo travel. 

Final Word 

Are you a female traveler, digital nomad or aspiring expat? Let’s make your goals and dreams a reality! Tell me how I can help you here.

Happy discoveries! 🙂

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