What Is Slow Travel?

When you search the term “Slow traveling,” you might be taken aback by the deficit in the available resources regarding it on the internet. You may also use transformative travel and responsible travel for this term.Without a doubt, traveling comes among the highly rewarding experiences that humans can experience – it comes with widening your perspectives as well as an overall view of the world towards everything new – locations, people, and all kinds of cultures. You will find such an experience to be reviving, energising, and even worth remembering.According to experts, slow travel is defined by a mindset that doesn’t go with the conventional ideas of any kind of tourism and allows you to absorb the different environment – you will see yourself be open to all kinds of experiences.

The Benefits of Slow Travel

Here are some benefits of slow traveling:

1. Be Grateful towards the Present

  1. You can spend some days in a location and find out different things around you. You can slow down your pace and then find out about the environment. Without having the rush to have to “visit” places, you really try to absorb everything around you. As a result, you try to appreciate what is next to you and have the adaptability to truly be present at the moment. The extra time in your hand allows you to search for different eateries, sceneries, markets, and everything in that area. It feels like you are “living” in that place instead of just being a “passer-by.”

2.Better Mode of Transport

  1. Slow travel also gives you better choices practically including transportation. For instance, getting a route by train enables you to find out different landscapes which stay a mystery for those who take the airplane. What’s more, it instills a lesser ecological influence than that of a plane. Also, walking and cycling are some of the common modes of traveling given you are following the “Slow” mode. These ways allow you to actually see the landscapes and everything the place has to offer which is not practically feasible through taking fast modes of transport.

3.Quality, Not Quantity

  1. You prefer the richness of the travel as you do slow travel. Instead of putting a number on the “total trips” you have made in a rush or the “cities or countries you have visited in a minimum time,” you begin to actually experience the location in its full depth.

How to Travel Slowly

For starters, you need to spare a handsome amount of time on your hand to truly experience the place. Then, you need to set aside some budget and do some research on the roadmaps, the culture, and the different intricacies that come with discovering a place. Then, you can move on to the advanced parts, here are some:

1. Lingo Learning

You don’t have to stay fluent, but try absorbing some sentences or some words that will definitely help you while you interact with the people around you. What’s more, it will also help you to understand the different subtleties and intricacies of the culture of the country.

2. Taking Part in Activities

It will also be helpful for you to take part in different activities which will help you in learning more about the culture. Although exploring is a great experience, trying to stay involved and taking part in fun activities with the locals here is a whole new learning opportunity for you. Through the interpreters and the guides, you can also try learning to interact with the people there. For example, you might want to take a cooking class or just sit in a dance or singing event there.As you slow travel, you might experience it leaving a strong mark on you in different ways. You feel a connection with the place on a deeper level, and that way, you are able to stay in connection with that place.

The Best Destinations for Slow Travel

On a short note, any place can become your slow travel destination, but for starters, here are some ideas:

1. Scotland

For an indulgent experience, take the trains through the mountains and explore heaven on earth; Scotland. Be it Jacobite Steam Train or West Coast, indulge your senses to seek the best in everything. Discover the scenic views of Mallaig, have a refreshing walk in the locality of Arisaig village, for example.

2. Colorado

Badger Creek Ranch has that authentic feel to it you wouldn’t find anywhere else than Colorado, and that isn’t the only richest experience you can feel here. Indulge in horse riding, discover the Pike National Forest, and discover the Arkansas River for its fishing.

3. Thailand

The place is best with its bustling markets, spicy street food, floating hotels, and wildlife such as wild elephants. Discover the waterfalls there and mesmerize your eyes with the scenic views of Kanchanaburi.These are not the only places to start. Choose any place that clicks your mind and explore more about it as you slow travel there.

Final Verdict

Traveling is a life-changing, ever-enchanting experience and that should mean you focus on doing a deeply immersive trip, like solo female travel or adventurous whole-week vacation to explore one place, such as seen in slow traveling. If you want to make your slow travel experience truly valuable and deep, don’t hesitate to pick a travel coach who mentors you and helps you get the best out of this experience. We believe it is certainly possible to turn traveling into a life-changing, growing opportunity, and for that, you can contact us and get yourself registered for the transformation ahead! Click on the link given here to find more insight. Want to know more about “How to Become a Slow Traveller”? Get your free copy of my latest guide here.

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