The Journey Reflections

✈ Your journey can be geographical, it can be personal.

Any travel has a personal benefit.
Any personal goal turns into a journey.

✒In fact, in my humble opinion, the famous saying “it is about the journey, not the destination” has one good messaging in it:

What makes it special is what you learn ok the way. That is what makes you YOU right now.

I believe that each one of us, World Citizens, has one main characteristic in common: we are learners. We LOVE to learn. We want to learn more.🙌

🌍That is because we are curious beings. We get a no and we want to try to find a way to get a yes. We get a ticket to go somewhere and LEARN about a country. Learn a language.

That is why we love the journey. That is why we aspire but default to put a backpack on and GO.

🥊Sometimes it is just hard to get moving, especially nowadays. But we don”t take no for an answer, not if we know it is what we want.

So, we ask for help. Because we know we can learn and make the process easier. We know we can thrive abroad.🚀

💃This is why I started all this. For your stories, for your travel bugs, language love and wanting more opportunities in life.

How you want to complete the sentence “Let your journey…”?

I chose ‘begin’ because that is what I am here for. 

So, let’s begin your journey, shall we?!

Robin who

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