How to select destinations for slow transformational travel

Slow travel is one of the most transformational experiences you can have in life. It opens your mind and your soul and I cannot recommend it enough for any woman who is seeking personal growth and development.

But, the world is wide and there are so many beautiful, inspiring, destinations. So how do you select the right destinations for slow transformational travel?

There are two sides you should consider when it comes to deciding on slow travel destinations. Those are the practical considerations & the emotional considerations.

The Practical Considerations

  • Affordability

If you want to travel long term, you need to take into consideration the affordability of the country you are intending to visit. Especially if you are not intending on working whilst traveling.

Your money will go a lot further in South East Asia for example than if you chose to travel around Europe. And therefore you can travel for much longer and have a truly transformative experience.

  • Visa Allowance

Another important thing to note is Visa allowances. How many months will a country let you stay there? Is it easy to extend your visa or do a visa run?  If you can only stay short term, you won’t be able to settle into slow travel life properly. You do not want to feel rushed, or as though you need a day-by-day itinerary when trying to experience transformational slow travel.

  • Climate, Weather & Seasons

The climate, weather & seasons in particular countries is a huge thing to factor in. Do you love sunshine and feel more productive, confident & like yourself when you live in warm, sunny weather? Or do you prefer cooler climates, the sound of rain and getting to see snow in the winter time.

The seasons & the weather affect our mood more than we think, and can therefore affect our travel experience. Choose a destination that has a climate that correlates with your best self.

The Emotional Elements

Get out of your comfort zone

It can be the easy option to choose somewhere you already know & feel comfortable with, especially if you are a solo female traveller. But ask yourself is this really where you need to be in order to experience transformational slow travel? If yes, then that is amazing. But if you’re unsure, there’s a chance you are already too comfortable in that destination.

Transformational slow travel is meant to push you out of your comfort zone & introduce you to new people, cultures, languages. It’s meant to challenge you so you can experience personal growth and development.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

  • Choose a culture & community that inspires you

When you have some destinations in mind, take some time to research the culture and the community in those places.

Which ones inspire you? Which community do you want to really get to know? Which people do you want to sit down and learn from?

Slow travel is all about the communities, the people and making authentic, meaningful connections.

So, maybe think about which people you want to choose, rather than place.

  • Go with your gut

Ultimately, I would say to go with your gut. If somewhere is standing out to you, if you keep coming back to this same place time and time again. If you can feel it in your soul that you are being called to go there. It’s meant for you.

Everything else can be figured out as you go.

To discover more about slow travel & embarking on a transformational journey, come hang out with me on Instagram! If you are still searching for that perfect travel destination, DM me over on IG, I’d love to help you find the perfect place.

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