How to Meet People When You Are Traveling Solo

One of the biggest fears around traveling solo is undoubtedly, how do I go about finding other solo travelers and make friends? It can be really daunting initially, but making friends with new people everywhere you go is actually one of the best parts of solo travel.

But if you are about to head off on your first solo trip and the fear is kicking in, don’t worry! Keep reading to find out all my top tips for how to meet people when you are traveling solo.

1. Hostels

This is my number one tip for finding other solo travelers and meeting people while traveling! Why? Everyone else is in the same position! Chances are there will be many other solo travelers staying in your hostel and all they want is to make connections too. This is just not something you get when staying in Air B&Bs or Hotels.

Finding other solo travelers in hostels

Read reviews first

Make sure to read the reviews for the hostels on Hostelworld and see how well it has been rated for atmosphere and sociability. You’re going to want to stay in a hostel that’s super sociable and runs events that help you meet other backpackers! Everyone staying in hostels is open to meeting new people as well. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and chat with someone.

2. Join Group Activities / Excursions

Another great way to meet people is by joining group trips/excursions. This is a great opportunity to bond with other travelers over shared experiences. If you are on a full-day trip with a group of other people it will be really easy to get a chance to chat with them!

I’ve even found that when the group activity has been a disaster (torrential rain), this is an even better way to bond with the other travelers in your group and make friends.

What type of Activities are best for finding other solo travelers?

So sign up for cooking classes, go on excursions into the jungle, & especially book any trips run by your hostel. This is a great way to meet people and create strong connections.

Group activities for finding other solo travelers

3. Social Media

Social Media is an amazing way to meet people when traveling these days. So many people have accounts dedicated to their travels which makes finding other solo travelers much easier. You’ll not only get some fantastic tips & guides for free, you could also meet some amazing friends!

Use socials to find other solo travelers

Reach out to other solo travelers you follow

If you see someone else traveling in the same country as you, send them a message. I have no doubt they would love to meet a fellow traveller and exchange stories.

4. Group Travel Experience

If the fear of not meeting people is putting you off traveling solo, a great tip is to start off the first time with a group trip. Companies such as Tru Travels, Intro Travel, Solo Female Travelers Club run group trips that are filled with solo travelers in the same position as you!

Group Travel Experience

If you want to go but going alone is stopping you, this is the best way to get over your initial fear and find other solo travelers. You might even meet others in your group that you will continue traveling with after.

5. Volunteer Work

Last but not least is the option to do some volunteer work. Companies such as Workaway, Worldpackers and Nomads Giving Back have so many volunteer opportunities in the most amazing places! You can work in hostels, for tour companies or even schools.

You have the opportunity to meet other people also volunteering, your co-workers, or even other travelers passing through.

Finding other solo travelers through volunteering

Feel more Confident to find other solo travelers

I hope you’re feeling more confident now about heading off solo and know exactly what to do to meet other travelers. I suggest you to also check out my other blog to mentally prepare for your move abroad.

For any doubts and questions, I’m always just a message away on Instagram to give you the support you need to make this happen!

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