6 Travel Budget Busters to Avoid

When it comes to traveling, there seems to be a parallel reality open up when we often feel like we can do anything once in the country of our destination. It might be true in terms of knocking things out of one’s bucket list, in other things such as money is not very likely. 

Below there are 6 travel budget busters that you definitely should avoid to ensure a life-changing trip in a budget-safe way. And if you’re planning your trip but don’t know how to budget correctly, here’s a post that can help you be always in control.

1. Unnecessary Emergency Feeds

Having a general insurance plan where emergencies and minor accidents are covered is perfect, and for certain travelers such as photographers or musicians where their equipment must be protected, there are special plans for those cases as well. Contact an advisor to help you determine the best plan for you to avoid possible emergency fees while abroad.

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2. Phone And Mobile Data

What do you do when you need to communicate and there’s no network available? you turn on your mobile data, and when you’re in another country, the bill becomes huge. Having a call with your local carrier and informing them about your trip will save you a lot of money because they can offer temporary services that allow you to stay online while abroad, without having to spend a lot of money.

3. Beverages And Drinks

Small purchases end up being a major part of your budget, therefore having in mind the following considerations will ensure a pro-like travel budget. Local cafes and bars have cheaper prices than well-known chains or major brands, so definitely ask around to find where the local people go to and enjoy not only a magnificent native treat but a much needed “budget-saver”. 

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4. Overweight Luggage And Accommodations

It is better to pre-purchase all upgrades and services before arriving at the airport, that is through the airline’s website. Purchasing services on the stop is usually more expensive than doing it online, so make sure you’re one step ahead of this to maximize your travel budget.

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5. Souvenirs

Who doesn’t love a nice-looking souvenir? It will be forever with you to remind you of the great places you visited. But don’t fall into the trap. Buying one or two is fine, but purchasing an excessive amount will tear apart your budget and will surely make your luggage overweight later. Stick to the basics of the place visiting, maybe a keychain from the Eiffel Tower, a ceramic plate from Greece and so.

6. Credit Card Fees And Other Currencies

Make sure to have a call with your local bank to avoid any inconveniences with different currencies or credit card purchases abroad (that if they’re not informed in advance can compromise your funds and your card’s functioning) and prepare some amount of money in your country of destination’s currency.

All in all, make sure to properly plan your budget and take these precautions before and during your trip to ensure the best experience ever.

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