6 Effortless Ways to Integrate Language Learning in Your Day

1. Listen To Music While Showering

Try to listen to it in the background while doing general daily activities. At least twice a week, listen to your favorite songs while looking at the lyrics and look up the vocabulary you don’t know.

2. Watch a YouTube video while on break

YouTube has lots of music and general videos you can use to add Spanish/Italian time to your day.

3. Listen to a podcast while commuting

You are busy doing something else but can listen to something? Put a Spanish / Italian podcast on! Great way to add language time to your day

4. Try to take notes in that language

It may feel weird at first but it will “force” you to use the words you know more often and look up words you need for your daily activities and communication.

5. Think about the word in Spanish/Italian while doing a Routine-Activity (eating, getting ready…)

This is the “mental” version of point 4 for the words you have learnt. Instead of writing it down you can also exercise the brain to associate what you do/see with those words. It will be more effortful at first but it will get easier and easier.

6. Use a language app while on break

There are many language apps out there. These are meant to be an added resource to your study plan and routine. To ‘interact’ with the language when on a short break or so on. Like it was your ‘language sudoku’.

For more tips and and well-rounded courses to master Spanish and Italian basics, check out OCW Language courses.

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