3 Tips for Mentally Preparing for Your Move Abroad

As the days wind down to begin your longer-term experience abroad there are many emotions at play. It is daunting and scary and that’s normal. It’s ok to feel like that. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare your mind and emotions for the experience of your life!

Tip #1: Take a look at your goals. 

WHY do you want to go abroad? What does that add to your life? If you are thinking about it there is a little voice somewhere that thinks it could be beneficial…it’s good to explore your options, clarify what you are looking for, and trust that slow travel might be just what you need.

As per my experience…I have moved abroad many different times, to different countries. Trust me, every country can present a unique challenge and even if you do it a lot…each move feels like a new rush of adrenaline and uncertainty. What one learns is just to deal with that feeling and learn the benefits living great new experiences away from home.

What I love about living abroad:

  1. Getting to do new and different things
  2. Learning about different ways of living and opening up to new perspectives
  3. Exploring new places
  4. Meeting new people that become family
  5. Going back home with fresh eyes that make you love and see what you may have not appreciated before

The biggest challenges to keep in mind:

  1. Navigating the visa process
  2. The first weeks, feeling alone at times at first while you start new relationships
  3. Embracing uncertainty

Overall, it is totally worth it to experience the benefits of living abroad (short or long-term).

If you have that feeling of ‘going’, there is a reason. Follow your gut.

Tip #2 you are not writing your story in stone, it is not permanent and unchangeable. 

If you don’t like it, if you feel it is wrong…you can go back. You can change your path again. You shape your life. You can change directions until you are happy. Either way, you will learn something, and you will grow. And you will go back with new perspectives and ‘eyes’.

Tip #3 Don’t give up at the first challenge. 

That is why it is important to know and prepare for what may be hard at first. Embrace your experiences the first few weeks, enjoy the journey, and remind yourself that this time will likely be the most challenging. Clarifying your reason for traveling will help you in challenging moments. You may feel lonely at times, get lost, or experience bad weather. Strive to really make the best of it – the bad and the good. This is what I do, and I know slow travel can be a great life-changing experience that you will thank yourself for later on!

 As a (slow) travel coach I help you find the clarity you need for your trips or move abroad. I help you with your mindset, action plan for your goals, removing language barriers if needed and I support you before and during (and even returning if needed) your move. If you feel the pull to go, let’s connect 🙂

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